2005 Naga Award Competition

The 2005 Naga Award Competition is on!

You can nominate candidate(s) for the competition by sending us a scientific paper or book on any aspect of fisheries including aquaculture published in the last five years by developing country scientist(s), which might win the prestigious award. Tell us in your view the important contribution the paper/book has made to science and sustainable management of aquatic resources. Your nomination can win the author(s) of the paper/book the prestigious NAGA Award given by WorldFish Center, which includes a plaque of appreciation and US$ 500. You as nominator of the winning submission will be rewarded with a book prize.

The conditions: The scientific paper or book should have been authored by a developing-country scientist(s)-that has made significant contribution to any area of fisheries science (capture fisheries/ aquaculture/resource management/policy) within the last five years. You cannot nominate yourself or colleagues from the same institution.

Send your entries to: 
The Communications Unit,
WorldFish Center, P.O. Box 500 GPO, 
10670 Penang, Malaysia.

Deadline for submission for the 2005 Naga Award is 30 June 2006.