The WorldFish Center Quarterly
Vol.28, No. 1 & 2 (January - June 2005)

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Asian Tsunami

Rebuilding Coastal Fisheries Livelihoods after the Tsunami: Key Lessons from Past Experience
I.C. Stobutzki and S.J. Hall
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Women in the December 26 Tsunami: How Have they Coped; How Can We Help?
P.S. Choo
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A Post-Tsunami Assessment of Coastal Living Resources of Langkawi Archipelago, Peninsular Malaysia
Y.L. Lee, Y.A. Affendi, B.H. Tajuddin, Y.B. Yusuf, A.A. Kee Alfian and E. A. Anuar
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Tsunami Damage to Coral Reefs: Guidelines for Rapid Assessment and Monitoring
WorldFish Center
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Result of Preliminary Studies on the Impact of the Tsunami on Fisheries and Coastal Areas of Penang and Kedah in Malaysia
WorldFish Center
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Statement on the Indian Ocean Tsunami
WorldFish Center Board of Trustees
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Evaluation of the Contribution of Fisheries and Aquaculture to Food Security in Developing Countries
R. C. Akpaniteaku, M. Weimin and Y. Xinhua
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Changing Traditions: First Global Look at the Gender Dimensions of Fisheries
M.J. Williams, M.C. Nandeesha and P.S. Choo
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Causes of Fish Depletion – A Factor Analysis Approach
T.K. Deka, M.M. Goswami and M. Kakati
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Diversity of Selective and Non-Selective Fishing Gear and their Impact on Inland Fisheries in Bangladesh
Md. Ghulam Kibria and K.K.U. Ahmed
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Pen Fish Culture in Reservoirs – an Alternative to Land Based Nurseries
V.K. Murugesan, S. Manoharan and R. Palaniswamy
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Parameter Estimates for Fishes of the Upper Paraná River Floodplain and Itaipu Reservoir (Brazil)
R. Angelini and A.A. Agostinho
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