The WorldFish Center Quarterly
Vol.27, No. 3 & 4 (July - December 2004)

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From drawing board to dining table: The success story of the GIFT project
– M.V. Gupta and B.O. Acosta
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Dietary Phytase: An ideal approach for a cost effective and low-polluting aquafeed
– K. Baruah, N.P. Sahu, A.K. Pal and D. Debnath
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Utilization of trawl bycatch in Gujarat (India)
– A.A. Zynudheen, G. Ninan, A. Sen and R. Badoni
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Padal fishing - A unique fishing method in the Ashtamudi Estuary of Kerala (South India)
– J.V. Thomas and B.M. Kurup
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Antibacterial marine bacterium deters luminous vibriosis in shrimp larvae
– T.J. Abraham
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The relationship of shell dimensions and shell volume to live weight and soft tissue weight in the mangroove clam, polymesoda erosa (Solander, 1786) from northern Australia
– R. Gimin, R. Mohan, L.V. Thinh and A.D. Griffiths
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Economics and management strategies for restocking sandfish in Vietnam
– H.V. Strehlow
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Diet composition and food habits of demersal and pelagic marine fishes from Terengganu waters, east coast of Peninsular Malaysia
– Z. Bachok, M.I. Mansor and R.M. Noordin
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The future for fish in the food and livelihoods of the poor in Asia
– R. Briones, M.M. Dey, M. Ahmed
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Impact pathway analysis for research planning: The case of aquatic resources research in the WorldFish Center
– R. Briones, M.M. Dey, M. Ahmed, I. Stobutzki, M. Prein and B.O. Acosta
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