The WorldFish Center Quarterly
Vol.27, No. 1&2 (January - June 2004)

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Community-based marine protected areas in the Bohol (Mindanao) Sea, Philippines
– J.D. Indab and P.B. Suarez-Aspilla
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Length-weight relationships of commercially important marine fishes and shellfishes of the Southern Coast of Karnataka, India
– K.P. Abdurahiman, T. Harishnayak and P.U. Zacharia and K.S. Mohamed
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Corals, fishermen and tourists
– A. Kunzmann
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Length-weight relationships of marine fishes from the central Brazilian coast
– L.O. Frota, P.A.S. Costa and A.C. Braga
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Use of fishery independant index to predict recruitment and catches of the spiny lobster
– R. Cruz and R. Adriano
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Indicators for management of coral reefs and their applications to marine protected areas
– M.C.A. Ablan, J.W. McManus and K. Viswanathan
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The GCRMN - Coordinating coral reef monitoring efforts for effective management
– K. Tun and C. Wilkinson
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Catching and rearing postlarval cleaner shrimp for the aquarium trade: results from a WorldFish Center project in the Solomon Islands
– C. Hair, R. Warren, A. Weaki, C. Haro and W. Phillips
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A global protocol for monitoring of coral bleaching
– J. Oliver, N. Setiasih, P. Marshall and L. Hansen
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SEACORM NET - Southeast Asia's coral reef monitoring network
– K. Tun and Chou LM
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Use of enriched live prey in promoting growth and maturation of Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon)
– Annita Yong Seok Kian, Saleem Mustafa and Ridzwan A. Rahman
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Feasibility of fishes co-management in Africa
– A.S. Khan, H. Mikkola and R. Brummett
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High level of hybridisation in three species of Indian major carps
– V. Simonsen, M.M. Hansen, Md. R.I. Sarder and Md. S. Alam
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