The WorldFish Center Quarterly

Vol.25, No. 3&4 (July - December 2002)


Meso-scale Transboundary Units for the Management of Coral Reefs in the South China Sea Area
– M.C.A. Ablan, J.W. McManus, C.A. Chen, K.T. Shao, J. Bell, A.S. Cabanban, V.S. Tuan and I.W. Arthana
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Aquaculture in Jamaica
– K.A. Aiken, D. Morris, F.C. Hanley and R. Manning
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Integration of Freshwater Prawn Culture with Rice Farming in Kuttanad, India
– B.M. Kurup and K. Ranjeet
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Length-weight Relationship of Mudskippers (Gobiidae: Oxudercinae) in the Coastal Areas of Selangor, Malaysia
– M.Z. Khaironizam and Y. Norma-Rashid
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Diet Composition of Fish Species from the Southern Continental Shelf of Colombia
– R.H. López-Peralta and C.A.T. Arcila
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Fisheries of the Farasan Islands (Red Sea)
– W. Gladstone
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African Freshwater Fisheries: What Needs to be Managed?
– E. Jul-Larsen and P. van Zwieten
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Management of Broodstock and Quality Control of Fish Seed in Hungary
– L. Varadi, S. Gorda, J. Bakos and Z. Jeney

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Genetic Enhancement and Conservation of Aquatic Biodiversity in Africa
– Modadugu V. Gupta
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