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Naga - The *ICLARM Quarterly
Vol. 23, No. 4 (October – December 2000)



Biodiversity of Estuarine Fish Faunas in West Africa
– E. Baran
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Monoclonal Antibodies in Fish and Shellfish Health Management in India
– K.M. Shankar, C.V. Mohan, T.M. Anil and R. Vidhya
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Effect of Substituting Animal Protein Sources with Soybean Meal in Diets of Oreochromis karongae (Trewavas 1941)   
– J. Nyirenda, M. Mwabumba, E. Kaunda and J. Sales
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Physico-Chemical Factors and Bacteria in Fish Ponds  
– X. Jun, F. Xiuzheng and Y. Tongbing
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Population Parameters of Small Pelagic Fishes Caught off Tawi-Tawi, Philippines 
– I.E. Aripin and P.A.T. Showers
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Lenght-Weight Relationship of Marine Fish Species off Sao Sebastiao System, Sao Paulo, Southeastern Brazil
– E.Y. Muto, L.S.H. Soares and C.L.D.B. Rossi-Wongtschowski
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Length-weight Relationships of Small Pelagic Fish Species of the Southeast and South Brazillian Exclusive Economic Zone
– R.A. Bernardes and C.L.D.B. Rossi-Wongtschowski
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Socioeconomic Characteristics of Payang Seine (Lampara) and Driftnet Fisheries in West Sumatra, Indonesia 
– L.W. Zen, S. Y. Tai and N.M. Raja Abdullah
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Progress Towards Providing Fijian Farmers with a Better Tilapia Strain: Evaluation of the GIFT Fish in Fiji
- P.B. Mather and S. Nandlal
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