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Naga - The *ICLARM Quarterly
Vol. 23, No. 3 (July – September 2000)



The Eggs of Marine Crabs – An Unexploited Resource
– C.K. Radhakrishnan
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Conservation and Management of Marine Fishery Resources of Kerala State India 
– V. Vijayan, L. Edwin and K. Ravindran
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Aquaculture vis-à-vis Agriculture
– S.A. Khan, P. Lyla, N. Veerappan and S. Rajagopal
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Involvement of Rural Women in Aquaculture:
An Innovative Approach
– A. Shaleesha and V.A. Stanley
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Development of Giant Freshwater Prawn Broodstock  
– K.N. Mohanta
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Using Eye Lens Diameter as Age Indicator of Young Lithognathus mormyrus and Diplodus vulgaris 
– A. J. Conides and L. A. J. Al-Hassan
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Length-weight Relationships of Demersal Fishes from the Upper Continental Slope off Colombia
– L.S. Diaz, A. Roa, C.B. Garcia, A. Acero and G. Navas
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Length-weight Relationships of Five Serranids from Palawan Island, Phillippines
– B.J. Gonzales, H.P. Palla and H. Mishina
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Fish Farming Through Community Participation in Assam 
– M. Goswami and R. Sathiadhas

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Workshop on Wetland and Tidal Swamp
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Solution to Water Hyacinth Invasion

New NTAFP Members
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Progress of the Carp Genetics Project

Transfer of Selective Breeding Technology to Sub-Saharan Africa and Egypt

Senior scientists from India visit Thailand and Philippines

Request for Tilapia Germplasm

Transgenic Salmon for Commercial Aquaculture Production

Meeting on Biosafety

New Website on Aquaculture Genetics
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New Publications

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The New World Fish Center Headquarters

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