Naga - The *ICLARM Quarterly
Vol. 25, No. 1 (January  March 2002)

Tilapia Broodstock Development for Saline Waters in the Philippines
M. M. Tayamen, R.A. Reyes, Ma. J. Danting, A.M. Mendoza,  E.B. Marquez, A.C. Salguet, R.C. Gonzales, T.A. Abella and E.M. Vera-Cruz

Four Oreochromis species were used in the study. Progenies from the 27 cross combinations (5 pure breds and 22 crossbreds) were evaluated in 10 environments with different salinity levels and agro-climatic conditions using communal rearing concept. Among the different cross combinations reared across environments, O. aureus x O. spilurus gave the highest body weight and O. mossambicus x O. spilurus, the highest survival rate. Positive percent mean heterosis were observed in the crosses between O. mossambicus x O. niloticus, FAC selected line and O. aureus x O. spilurus.

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