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Naga - The *ICLARM Quarterly
Vol. 25, No. 1 (January – March 2002)

Results of Bottom Trawl Surveys Carried Out in Vietnamese Waters (20-200 m) in 1996-1997
V. T. Daug, D. Tran, R. Nielsen and F. Riget

Bottom trawl surveys were conducted in the southwest monsoon season in 1996 (survey 1) and in the northeast monsoon season in 1996-97 (survey 2) throughout Vietnamese waters. The surveys mainly covered the depth zone 50-200 m but in the northeast monsoon season the depth zone 20-50 m was included in the northern and southern areas. Overall, 273 trawl hauls were conducted. The total biomass for Vietnamese waters in the depth zone 20-200 m was estimated at 700 000 t . Biomass estimates are given for the most abundant species. A relatively higher mean catch-per-unit effort (CPUE) was obtained from survey 2 than from survey 1 and in partcular at depth ranges 50100 and 100200 m in south Vietnam. Overall, the dominant families were Monacanthidae (34%), Carangidae (15%), Trichiuridae (9%) and Synodontidae (6%).

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Length-Weight Relationship of Fishes Caught by Trawl off Alexandria, Egypt
M. Abdallah

This paper presents the length-weight relationship parameters (a and b) for 29 fish species, belonging to 16 families, taken by otter trawl fishing from Egyptian Mediterranean waters. The b values obtained ranged from 2.50 to 3.44 (with a mean of 2.926).

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Length-weight Relationship of Bivalves from Coastal Waters of Korea

K.Y. Park and C.W. Oh

Parameters a and b of the length (L)-weight (W) relationship W = a Lb are presented for 17 commercial bivalve species collected from the southwest coastal waters of Korea. Estimates of b varied between 2.44 (Atrina pinnata japonica) and 3.31 (Scaphara broughtonii) with a mean of 2.891 ( 0.212). A total of 2 107 specimens were analyzed for this study. The length-weight relationship was isometric in most of the species.

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