* ICLARM is now known as WorldFish Center

Naga - The *ICLARM Quarterly
Vol. 24, No. 1 & 2 (January  June 2001)

Aquaculture Genetics Research and Issues in INGA Member Countries/Institutions
M.V. Gupta and B.O. Acosta

The information presented here is extracted from the presentations and discussions at the Sixth Steering Committee Meeting of the International Network on Genetics in Aquaculture (INGA) held in Hanoi, Vietnam on 8-10 May 2001. The main topics discussed were: review of genetics research progress and planned activies in member countries and Associate Member institutions; genetics improvement technologies; strategies and action plans for distribution of improved fish breeds to small-scale farmers; ecological risk assessment for genetically improved fish breeds; methods for monitoring the uptake of improved strains and impact assessment; and network activities and collaborations.

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