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Biodiversity, Management and Utilization of West African Fishes
ISBN 983-2346-32-0


Preface (PDF : 13 KB)
Opening Statements (PDF : 25 KB)
  C.A. Biney (WRI)
  T.M. Falk and W. Villwock (UH)
  P. Dugan (WorldFish)
  U. Lohmeyer (GTZ)
  E. Anang (Fisheries Directorate, Ghana)
Opening Addresses from the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Ghana (PDF : 15 KB)
Session I - Biodiversity, Culture and Importance of Tilapias in West Africa
Chair: P. Dugan
(PDF : 44 KB)
  Socio-Economic Importantce of Tilapiine Fishes (Teleosti, Cichlidae)
E.K. Abban, T.M. Falk and S. Agyakwa
  Genetic Tools for assessing Fish Biodiversity and Assisting Culture Practices: An Overview
J-F. Agnèse
  Session I: Summary and Conclusions
Session II - The Project and Related Subjects
Chair: Dr. R. Pullin
(PDF : 627 KB)

Genetic Diversity of West African Lagoon Tilapias and its Implications for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Biodiversity Conservaation: Case Studies on Sarotherodon melanotheron, Sarotherodon nigripinnis and Tilapia guineensis
T.M. Falk, G.G. Teugels and E.K. Abban

  Maintenance and Utilization of Tilapia Genetic Resources in Egypt
M. Rezk
  Tilapia Genetic Resources: Their Conservation and Utilization in South Africa
H. Van der Bank
  Genetic Diversity of the Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus (Teleostei, Cichlidae) from the Volta System in Ghana
T.M. Falk and Eddie K. Abban
  Evaluation of Early Life Culture Performance of Ghanaian Populations of Sarotherodon melanotheron (Teleostei, Cichlidae)
E.K. Abban, T.M. Falk and S.K. Agyakwah
  Evaluation of Culture Performance of Ecotype Collections of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) from the Volta System as Basis of Fish Breeding and Selection Program in Ghana
F.K. Attipoe and E.K. Abban
  First Results on the Aquaculture Potential of a Landlocked Population of the Black-chinned Tilapia, Sarotherodon melanotheron in a Man-made Lake, Ayame (Côte d'lvoire)
N.I. Ouattara, G.G. Teugels, V.N. Douba and J.C. Philippart
  The Utility of Complete Cytochrome b Sequences for Phylogenetic Studies on African Tilapiines (Teleostei, Cichlidae)
T.M. Falk
  Session II: Summary, General Discussion and Conclusions
Session III - Fish and Fisheries Resources: Utilazation and Conservation
Chair: Prof. Ayinla
(PDF : 59 KB)
  Resources and Constraints of West African Coastal Waters for Fish Production
P. Lalèyè and J. Moreau
  Fish Resources Utilization and Conservation Measures in Niger
A. Harouna
  Development Project of Aquaculture in the Republic of Guinea
M.H. Diallo
  Phenotypic Variation in African Freshwater Fishes: A Geographic Scale Review
D. Paugy and Y. Fermon
  Thermal Influence on Sex Determination in Natural Populations of Nile Tilapia, O. niloticus
E. Bezault
  Session III: General Discussion and Conclusions
Session IV - International Perspectives
Chair: E.K. Abban and J-F. Agnèse
(PDF : 51 KB)
  International Concerns on Fish Biodiversity Conservation in Africa
R.S.V. Pullin
  The Nairobi Declaration on Conservation of Aquatic Biodiversity and Aquaculature in sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for Research on Sarotherodon melanotheron
P. Dugan
  A Regional Approach to a Fish Breeding Program for Farmers: Research and Networking Needs
J. Moehl
  Session IV: General Discussion and Conclusions
Session V - West African Fish and Fisheries Association (WAFA) Session
Chair: A. Diallo
(PDF : 32 KB)
Summary of Sessions and Discussions (PDF : 32 KB)
Appendices (PDF : 24 KB)
  List of Participants

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