Utilizing Different Aquatic Resources for Livelihoods in Asia - A Resource Book
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1.     Acknowledgement (PDF : 36 KB)

2.     Introduction (PDF : 62 KB)

General Issues and Principles (PDF : 1,277 KB)

The Role of Small-Scale Aquaculture in Rural Development

Aquatic Resources Management for Sustainable Livelihoods of Poor People

Social and Cultural Considerations in Small-Scale Aquaculture

Socio-Economic Impact of Rural Pond Fish Culture

Involvement of Women in Small-Scale Aquaculture

Impact of Aquaculture on the Environment

Conservation of Aquatic Genetic Diversity

Development Assistance for Small-Scale Aquaculture

Introducing Aquaculture into Farming Systems: What to Look Out For

Importance of Fish in Household Nutrition

Managing the Introduction of Exotic Species

Primary Health Care in Aquaculture

Fish as Biocontrol Agents of Vectors and Pests of Medical and Agricultural Importance

Possible Public Health Hazards Associated with Farmed Fish and Shellfish

Improved Handling and Quality Assurance of Fish and Fishery Products

Participatory Approaches and Extension Strategies (PDF : 723 KB)

Participatory Approaches for Aquatic Resources Management and Development: Thoughts and Lessons Collected by DFID and FAO during 2000

Scaling Up the Impact of Aquaculture: The CARE Experience in Bangladesh

Scaling Up the Impact of Aquaculture: AquaOutreach at Asian Institute of

Participatory Approach to Extension and Training in Aquaculture

A "Farmer Field School" for Aquaculture

Aquaculture Development and Information Processes

Rural Aquaculture Development and Mangrove Conservation Projects (Initiated by Fishers in Collaboration with Various Institutions in Sri Lanka)

Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Planning and Management of Aquaculture

Community-Managed Aquatic Resources (PDF : 1,230 KB)

Aquatic Resources as Common Property

Community-Based Fisheries Management: An Approach to
Sustainable Common Property Resource Management

Economic Considerations for Community-Based Small-Scale Aquaculture in Oxbow Lakes

Considerations in Co-Management of Capture Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture in Laos

Culture-Based Fisheries in Reservoirs and Lakes in India

Community Rice-Fish Farming in Bangladesh

Marine Reserves and the Role of Local Government in Units in the Philippines

Local Knowledge and the Conservation and Use of Aquatic Biodiversity

Freshwater systems/Terrestrial systems (PDF : 1,892 KB)

An Overview of Rice-Based Small-Scale Aquaculture

Rice-Based Aquaculture in China

Enhancing the Performance of Irrigation Systems through Aquaculture

Rice and Fish Culture in Seasonally Flooded Ecosystems

Increasing Wild Fish Harvests by Enhancing the Rice Field Habitats

Polyculture Systems: Principles and Basic Considerations

Promoting Rice-Based Aquaculture in Mountainous Areas of Vietnam

Aquaculture in Stream-Fed Flow-Through Ponds

Short-Cycle Aquaculture in Seasonal Ponds

Low-Cost Aquaculture in Undrainable Homestead Ponds

Homestead Fish Culture: An Example from Bangladesh

Integrating Intensive and Semi-Intensive Culture Systems to Utilize Feeding Waste

Low-Cost Fertilization in Inland Pond Aquaculture

Culture of Fish Food Organisms and Biofertilizers

Feeds in Small-Scale Aquaculture

Decentralized Seed Production Strategy for the Development of Small-Scale Aquaculture

Small-Scale Eel Culture: Its Relevance for Rural Households

Small-scale Macrobrachium Culture in Bangladesh

Culture of Chinese Mitten-Handed Crabs

Aquaculture and Sewage Water Treatment

Water Quality Management for Freshwater Fish Culture

Lake and Reservoir-Based Systems (PDF : 552 KB)

Pen Fish Culture in Shallow Freshwater Lakes

Pen and Cage Culture in Philippine Lakes

Integrated Development of Floodplain Wetlands in India

Freshwater Cage Culture of Chinese Carps

Low-Cost Cage Culture in Upland Areas of Vietnam

Brackishwater and Marine Systems (PDF : 1,105 KB)

Community-Based Rehabilitation of Mangroves

Mangrove-Based Small-Scale Shrimp Aquaculture

Estuarine Aquaculture Systems

Utilizing Coastal Wetlands for Small-Scale Aquaculture in Sri Lanka

Successful Small-Scale Mudcrab Farming Development in the Thai Binh
Province, Vietnam: A Case Study

Management Practices to Improve Extensive Shrimp Aquaculture

Farmers’ Methods of Oyster and Mussel Culture in the Philippines

Mud Crab Systems for Small-Scale Aquaculture

Small-Scale Seabass Culture in Thailand

Coastal Aquaculture Options

Annexes (PDF : 93 KB)


Advisory Committee

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Correct Citation (PDF : 28 KB)


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