----- WorldFish Center Quarterly ---- Vol.29 No.1 & 2 Jan - June 2006
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Challenges in Sustaining and Increasing Fish Production to Combat Hunger and Poverty in Asia | PDF
M.V. Gupta
An Overview of Fisheries Conflicts in South and Southeast Asia: Recommendations, Challenges and Directions | PDF
N.D. Salayo, M. Ahmed, L. Garces and K. Viswanathan
Community-Based Fish Culture in Seasonal Floodplains | PDF
M.M. Dey and M. Prein
Impact of Development and Dissemination of Integrated Aquaculture-Agriculture (IAA) Technologies in Malawi | PDF
M. Dey, P. Kambewa, M. Prein, D. Jamu, F. J. Paraguas, D. E. Pemsl and R. M. Briones
On–Farm Trials with Rice-Fish Cultivation in the West Kano Rice Irrigation Scheme, Kenya | PDF
J. Rasowo and E.O. Auma
Small-Scale Rural Aquaculture in Assam, India – A Case Study | PDF
S. K. Das
Integrating Fish into Seasonally Flooded Rice Fields: On Farm Trials in Assam, India | PDF
U. K. Baruah and B. C. Borah
New Publications | PDF
Announcements | PDF